Caparo T1: What Do You Need To Know Before Investing In A Model?


Caparo T1 is produced with tiny numbers of customers who can indulge it due to the ultimate legal track-day machine. Although during its public development process, Caparo T1 meets a few specific difficulties, it has been the best road-legal track model for 9 years.

Therefore, the need of buying this supercar is more and more. However, due to the high price, you have to know all information related to it to have a worthy investment from its features, common problems to the price. Below I will let you know whether or not you should buy a Caparo T1.

What are the features of Caparo T1?

This design comes with 2 seats, 4 wheels, and headlights. Compared to SUVs, automobiles, and other multipurpose means, Caparo T1 just aims at one purpose moving fast, really fast.

When it comes to the speed, to keep up the car with a 1075bhp/ ton power-to-weight ratio, let you forget other supercars but strapping several rockets to a Veyron. This is special even it is considered as a spiritual successor to the McLaren F1. To make clear, here I provide you a short video about Caparo T1:

How many models of Caparo are there in the development history?

  • In 2006, the manufacturer launched the Caparo T1 concept car.
  • In 2007, the new model of Caparo T1 is launched, but at that time, it is designed with the bespoke 575bhp V8 3.5 liter engine, race derived suspension, 6-speed sequential transmission as well as bodywork.
  • In 2014, Caparo T1 has been evolved with over 700bhp.
  • In 2015, the future of Caparo is in an uncertain condition because of the death of its company CEO.

Should you purchase a Caparo T1?

If you would like to invest in a road legal runabout which is the last model in the track day speed, you can consider the following information. Specifically, in the past, Le Mans for Bentley was won by the Caparo T1 in Snetterton. Moreover, the F3 car is also lower a few seconds.

What model to invest?

It’s very easy because you just can pick up a car which comes with an engine plus not much extras. Moreover, you will be familiar with 3.5 liter V8 engine producing 575bhp at the kind of revs. Like the original Fiat 500, its kerb weight is also 550kg which is a half of Mazda MX-5. And perhaps the 2.5 second 0-60 time is equal with the fastest hypercars.

Other normal road cars can’t reach that result. While its top speed is mainly academic, depending on wing setup, the lowest is 210mph possibly. The 6-speed sequential manual transmission focuses on pushing the power down to the back wheels.

There are standard road tyres, and available track rubber on the track. You can adjust the height of suspension so that it’s possible to drive on road bumps and uneven roads, not harm to undertray.

The Caparo T1 is produced to become a Formula 1 model on the road. Buying this car means you own a longer data, HANS device compatibility, six-point harnesses, and traction control. If you want to drive your Caparo T1 to or from the track, the kit – the optional buddle cockpit cover is the best option.

At first glance, it seems to have only seat but actually, this smart two-seat design has a small seat for passenger back from you – the driver. So, its weight is only 550kg. That’s the reason this supercar is 20% lighter than other smart vehicles. You can use this for short trips or storing helmet with tog bag.

What are common problems when driving Caparo T1?

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  • The Caparo T1 doesn’t apply the normal used guide advice but the standard recommendations tips. Therefore, you ought to have a comprehensive maintenance record and use your car as a track model carefully when checking its damages.
  • After the death of the parent company CEO, Caparo Vehicle Technologies is uncertain. Thus, in the future, it’s hard to look for spares and parts.
  • During the development process of Caparo T1, it has experienced some pre-production maladies. For example, catching fire and breaking floor plates, a suspension arm are alarming.
  • The maintaining time needs to be more regular. Tyres, brakes, and suspension take much punishment while the extra downforce will add more weight for them in order to deal with.
  • Due to bespoke components and carbon fiber construction, if this car is in need of repair, you have to have the help of specialist and parts. Thus, your wallet may be hurt.

How much is the Caparo T1?


In the event of a new Caparo T1, in the past, its price is about £210,000 and gradually increasing over time notably, in 2012, the price is around £300,000. In spite of the high cost, since 2007, there have been 16 sold models.

The final word

In general, Caparo T1 is a supercar. Although there are some common problem and high price, its outstanding features are enough for you to invest. Don’t worry about anything if you have a good economic condition. To be sure, you can refer to advises from experts or experienced people. Please leave your comment in the section below, if there are any questions about Caparo T1.


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