One of Two LM-Spec McLaren F1s Is Sold With an Impressive Price – $13.7 Million


The fact is that everyone knows McLaren F1 without needing an introduction. In particular, everything becomes more evident through the following example.

Most of you can recognize it as an LM car due to not only its ultra-rare appearance but also the extra high downforce package.

Although McLaren factory built 5 of these things straightly, there are just 2 extra beasts which are upgraded to LM-spec. The inspiration for Le Mans’ final count is F1s. For example, there are a total of only seven units, and this striking thing is one of 2 converted parts excepting the LM XP1 prototype.

What is the top supercar of McLaren in the 90s? The answer is quite much. In particular, McLaren Special Operation comes back the department which was not called as its way. Actually, this is the last F1 road car which was constructed and finished in 1998 by McLaren for a high-ranking buyer. This European-delivery design was completed in AMG Green Velvet with 2 tones for the interior (green and cream). However, its owner wants to specify an overhaul completely.

Luckily, it’s very happy for McLaren to improve and upgrade their car. That’s why this was born. The transformation of LM-spec car is successful thanks to the British car manufacturer added many aero goodnesses, 680 horsepower, LM-specification, 6.1-litre engine, BMW V12 as well as pieces and bits which were derived from GTR variants.

Apart from the higher compression ratio of the engine, the car has different pistons, new cams, especially it was fenced by the bigger radiators offered extra cooling.

The aerodynamic package includes a revised nose which comes with extra front wing vents, a four-millimeter Gurney flap, and a rear wing (running very aggressive). Compared to the Papaya Orange LMs, the great orange metallic paint-job was pretty darker.

Both its interior and GT specification were changed, but the majority of creature comforts were still untouched. A few upgraded features can make sure provide drivers a comfortable driving experience. The fact is that everyone considers this particular car as the best F1 due to its perfect combination of the LM hardcore variant and original road car.

This model is in the car collection of the Pinnacle Portfolio which includes 20 super-awesome and super-rare cars.


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