Six Cars Falling To Be a Supercar


Lotus Exige Sport 380


Lotus Exige Sport 380 has been in being for bloody ages without 2 ways. Under the management of Lotus, fans of this proper sports car have come back the B-road busting light weapon. Although Lotus Exige Sport 380 is positioned under the Evora 410, it’s famous for supercharged V6 excepting creeps power up to 375bhp and 223lb ft.

The weight of 1100kg is enough to figure out that the Lotus Exige is designed from hardcore which bridges between track car and road. Moreover, 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds creates a multitude of thoroughbreds. However, there is a hard period when Lotus badge has to be against its competitors: Koenigsegg, Ferrari, McLaren.

Jaguar F-type SVR


If you want to purchase a Jaguar F-type, make this SVR full of fat and unshackled in place of paying attention to the balanced and crisp V6 S. It is designed at JLR by Special Vehicle Operations. To create the 1st 200mph car of Jag since X3220, people take the ludicrous F-Type R and inject steroid.

This model comes with 5.0-litre supercharged V8 which emits 567bhp creating the most hateful exhaust choruses with uncomfortable sounds outside the race track.

It includes nicely aerodynamic modifications. For example, the bigger front splitter and a fixed rear wing raise the performance credentials of the F-Types. However, I am fearful that the Jaguar F-type SVR must tackle at the top sports car hierarchy immediately.


This is considered as the first attempt at the creation of the future sports car. BMW created an excellent i8. Specifically, the i8 is the combination of 139bhp from electric power and 228 bhp from internal combustion especially the use of the turbocharged three-cylinder one from a Mini which is combined with the electric motor. 357bhp is the result included drivetrain losses that comes with 420lb ft of the instant torque.

There are engine noises which are pumped through the car’s speakers for hiding the raspy three-cylinder. However, the BMW I8 includes many driving modes ranging from Sport+ to fully-electric plus 2 power sources sending 4 wheels.

The first generation of i8 gives you a genuine surprise even it is up to the Porsche 911 which BMW engineers spend more time on its powertrain calibration. To make it assed the ranks, apart from its supercar appearance, the M division of BMW needs to improve the performance.

Porsche Cayman GT4


The fact is that Porsche Cayman GT4 has won a wealth of awards of “car of the year” back in 2015. And it is also received the engine which fans of Porsche have heard since the original launch in 2006 of Cayman. There was a rumor that Porsche doesn’t want to design a bigger engine into the great Cayman chassis if it is on the toes of 911.

Nonetheless, thanks to Walter R?hrl and engineers of GT-series cars, Cayman GT4 has been unveiled in 2015 with 3.8-titre flat-six from 991 Carrera S which produces 309lb and 380bhp ft torque.

GT4 – the great car is created from the combination of the engine and 6-speed manual transmission. Though this is not a supercar, I believe that most of the owners want to buy a GT4 with £64,451 more than the 911 Turbo S.

Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport


Z06 is on the top of Chevrolet’s supercar range, and the job of Corvette Grand Sport is to play a role in a super sports car. With the price of £74,425, this car is designed 465lb ft and 460bhp torque from the 6.2 liters LT1 V8. You should also know 0-62mph attached to at 3.9 seconds before it reaches 180mph. However, on Chevrolet market, this Corvette Grand is considered as a sound-handling sports car more than the muscle’s generic hunk.

Though according to stats, the kinds of supercars have appeared about 10-15 years, the Grand Sport has the second best one – Z06 for fighting its thoroughbreds. In spite of the lesser massively appealing aspect, it has 7-speed manual transmission coming with auto-blip downshifts.

Caterham 620R


The top of Caterham is 620R which is 580bhp rear-wheel drive widowmaker. Furthermore, compared to Veyron, the power-to-weight ratio of 620R is better. The thing which makes it above the market of the road cars nowadays is 60mph in 2.79 seconds. You just need to spend £50,490 for it


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